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How do you Create a Successful Brand Online?

To create a successful brand online, it is important to think of your brand journey from day one and ways to stand out from competition in both the online and offline worlds.

Create a Brand Story

Think ahead on what you want your brand to represent and communicate it effectively to your customers. Customers like it when they believe their purchases can impact someone’s life. Associate every sale to how it will impact the life of someone in your ecosystem and make it your mission and vision. Use your website, social media, and newsletters to communicate your journey towards your mission.

Rethink Value and Brand Strategy

Use actionable insights to understand who are your premium customers, what are their preferences, what is the optimum price range, and what are the top selling products to finetune your sales strategy. Target your premium customers with special, curated offers and also communicate how they will impact the society. End to end ecommerce platforms like ShopConnect Boost can help you with all this.

Pay attention to Personalization

Make sure you and your staff are well equipped to understand and respond to a customer’s needs, style, budget etc. There is an exhaustive list of factors that drive sales. It is important to think about what would be critical for the customer. What is their personal style? What is in vogue? What are their measurements and requirements? How will it look? It helps to have a specialist narrow down the choices.

A specialist can demonstrate products that fit their requirements, show the variants, direct them to relevant pre-recorded videos online, get their feedback and respond instantly with relevant and personalized suggestions. ShopConnect’s video calling feature can connect the designers or specialists with the customers to provide a hyper-personalized experience.

Create an Impact

Post the pandemic, there is a plethora of e-commerce stores. It is no longer enough to have just static images to sell a product. It has become important to leave a lasting impression and create an impact. Delight your customers by creating virtual showrooms that replicate your store experience. Use 360 views and 3D modeling to showcase your premium products. Even when stores open offline, direct customers to experience the virtual showroom and its immersive customer experience.

Your website should aim to replicate the store experience. First, think about how a customer gets lured to come to your store and buy products. Try to replicate the same process online. Do you arrange for preview events or exhibitions to attract customers? You can follow a similar approach with ShopConnect Boost. You can send ShopConnect Lookbooks of your latest collections that can replicate the experience of an exhibition.

Create Immersive Experiences

Another way to create an impact is to create immersive and engaging experiences with a high recall value. These experiences can happen both online and offline. Sponsor local community events that are associated with your mission and vision.

In the online world, conduct design webinars and shop parties in an environment customized for your brand. ShopConnect’s live video selling technology can be used to create online events and design webinars with leading fashion designers to give out style tips. Customers can also invite their friends and family to create a shopping event or party where they can look at products together, try them virtually, and decide which ones to buy.