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What are Lookbooks? - A Cool Way to Beat the Competition

According to a latest eMarketer report, US ecommerce sales are expected to grow 17.9% in 2021 to $933.30 billion and surpass $1 trillion in 2022. The flipside to this positive news is that the competition in the ecommerce and retail worlds is getting tougher by the day. Lookbooks are innovative ways to attract and inspire customers. They are essentially fashion catalogs with contextualized, well-styled images.

Originally, lookbooks were physical catalogs that were printed to showcase a brand’s latest collection. The brands would give lookbooks to merchandisers or buyers for major fashion retailers to impress them enough to buy and make the collection a success. Rather than use just images of the products, lookbooks convey the essence of a collection or the brand by presenting the use case of the product or setting the context for the product. It also serves as a fashion guide for customers by providing a completely assembled and accessorized look from head to toe.

In the online world, lookbooks have emerged as an effective way to attract and inspire customers to buy. These new-age lookbooks are now embedded with ecommerce and payment capabilities. We at ShopConnect make them even more effective by adding hotspots for price and product detailing and live video calling capabilities. If a buyer likes the collection, (s)he can see the price and other details and buy directly or engage further with the brand via a video call and close the transaction.

ShopConnect Boost goes further. It uses market intelligence tools to analyze which products, price ranges, and customers should be targeted. It gives actionable insights on how to design a lookbook promotion. This allows the lookbook promotion to be personalized and increases the chances of conversion.

According to an HBR article, brands that sell direct-to-consumer on their websites and stores generate 86% more revenues than by using third party channels. The ideal marketing strategy for a brand would involve using different channels to engage with customers, captivate them with their brand story, and inspire them to buy either online or offline.

Parts of a lookbook can also be reused to engage with customers on social media. They are ideally designed to have an emotional appeal and an aspirational storyline. They become excellent feeds for a brand’s social media handle.

Find out more about how ShopConnect can help to make lookbooks more impactful for increasing sales and can be a cool way to beat the competition.