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5 Ways How Fashion Brands Used ShopConnect in 2021

Over 20 fashion brands used ShopConnect in 2021 to replicate their store experience online and increase sales.
The past two years have seen several ups and downs in terms of retail traffic as pandemic has been raging and waning as well. Fashion brands have been upping their game these past two years and are much better prepared for any adverse events.
Here are five ways that fashion brands used ShopConnect to make the shopper journey more convenient and experiential.

Experiential Shopping

According to eMarketer, online commerce will generate over $1 trillion in 2021, but 84% of sales will be from physical stores. Stores are becoming more experiential and consumers are looking for more opportunities to cultivate a sense of normalcy. Brands are using ShopConnect to replicate the store and brand experience with features like virtual showrooms powered by augmented reality (AR). 360 views and 3D modeling are used by brands to showcase their premium products.

In fact, the online stores are so similar to the physical stores that they have amplified the brand experience and lured customers to the physical stores.

Viral Commerce

eMarketer webinar on Retail Trends 2022 predicts that about $45 billion will be generated through social commerce or viral commerce. ShopConnect’s features like LookBooks make it easy to share shoppable fashion collection links. This creates virality and also generates revenue.

Targeted Promotions

Some brands are using ShopConnect’s marketing intelligence tools to understand the preferences of their premium customers. They then create targeted promotions with special, curated, and customized collections that have increased their conversions.

Virtual Exhibitions

ShopConnect’s live video selling technology is being used to create online events and design webinars with leading fashion designers who give out style tips. Customers can even try out products virtually. These events not only generate high sales but also have a high recall value. With ShopConnect, brands are replacing their offline events with the online substitutes and business is pretty much back to normal.

Differentiated Brand Journeys

Brands are using ShopConnect’s proprietary technology to reimagine their brand journey. From reducing their carbon footprint and creating sustainable fashion ecosystems, ShopConnect platform makes it easy to achieve their environmental goals and communicate them effectively to their customers. They can now expand their reach without expanding their carbon footprint.

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