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What is Virtual Tryon? - An innovative, immersive AR shopping tool to increase conversions and reduce returns

The key to a satisfied customer is when they find and buy a product that fits them perfectly. Virtual tryon is an Augmented Reality (AR) solution that allows customers to try on products or see how products look in a real-life situation.

Virtual tryon technologies have been around for over a decade. Footwear brand Converse created the Sampler app for iPhones way back in 2010. Using AR, this new app will let you sample any Converse shoe from its catalog by simply pointing your iPhone at your leg. They can then share it on Facebook for feedback from friends and buy directly from the app.

Back then, the cost of developing the apps was much higher, but with increased use and advances in technology, it has been possible to implement it widely.

Today, retailers across industries like cosmetics, footwear, jewellery, and furniture have adopted these technologies in a big way. Retailers using AR find that engagement rates increase by nearly 20%, with conversion rates increasing by 90% for consumers who engage with the AR.

Especially following the pandemic, virtual tryon was instrumental in simulating the in-store experience of trying out products. And this technology is here to stay because of its multiple benefits.

By addressing the core concern of a customer to find the right product, virtual tryon solutions create a personalized and engaging experience that helps with the purchase decision and in increasing conversions. It also helps reduce returns as customers try it on virtually and creates more confidence in their purchase.

ShopConnect provides two modes of Virtual Tryon. In a model template, the customer can try out different products and their colour variations on a model template. The model template can be customized to bring it as close as possible to the features of the customer. For example, the colour tone of the model can be changed to match that of the customer.

In the self mode, a customer can upload their own image and try out different product variations.

ShopConnect’s Virtual Tryon provides a unique, immersive experience that is a great way to build brand loyalty. It can also help in creating curated, personalized selections and promotions based on the data from virtual tryon sessions.

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