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What are immersive e-commerce catalogs?

Catalogs Powered by Augmented Reality (AR) for Better Engagement and Conversions

Did you know that the average attention span of a millennial (1981-96 born) is just 12 seconds and that of the upcoming Gen Z (1997-2012 born) is even shorter at 8 seconds. How does one attract and engage audiences in such a short span? By speaking their language, by using Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

AR has become a major trend not only in games but also in retail. Why? Because of its experiential nature, it allows the customer to plunge in and experience the product or the brand. It helps attract and engage better with consumers. As per The Drum media, AR can capture people’s attention for more than 85 seconds, increase interaction rates by over 20%, and improve click rates in the shopping process by 33%.

Especially following the pandemic, AR was instrumental in simulating the in-store experience of trying out products. And this technology is here to stay because of its multiple benefits. They have come to become a powerful bridge between online and offline environments and helps brands create interactive and experiential catalogs that inspire either virality or sales.

ShopConnect uses AR in its features like Lookbooks, hotspots, 360 degree views, virtual stores, and virtual tryon to create immersive catalogs that are enabled with e-commerce functionalities. Customers can experience a product or try it online and buy it if it suits their requirements.

The catalogs can be shared easily with customers and have virality as they can easily be shared further with friends and acquaintances. These immersive e-commerce catalogs are an all-in-one solution that attract customers, engage with them, and convert them with the utmost ease and convenience.

They also help in understanding how the customer engages with the product, what colors interest them, what materials and finishes they are trying out, etc. Powered by this data, brands can design products that are more in tune with customer demand and can increase sales exponentially and efficiently.

ShopConnect’s immersive experiences are a great way to build brand loyalty. They can also help in creating curated, personalized selections and promotions based on the data from tryon sessions.

Find out more about ShopConnect’s immersive e-commerce catalogs, virtual tryon, virtual stores, virtual showrooms, and live video calling features.