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How to Drive Traffic to your Retail Website

A retail website is like an online storefront where visitors can explore your products, gain confidence about your brand, and become leads and customers. So, increasing the traffic to your website is the first step in the ladder to online success.

In today’s world, a website or an online storefront has become an absolute necessity even for brick and mortar establishments. With the ubiquitous use of the Internet, the first thing people do when they hear a company name is search for basic information on Google or social media and become familiar with your brand. But your website strategy should be to attract visitors and eventually convert them into customers.

So, how do you drive traffic to your website?

Apart from using PPC and SEO strategies, be active on social media with attractive and immersive catalogs that have become easy to create with software companies like ShopConnect.

Once you have visitors, you can have leads if your content is appealing. The next step is to nurture these leads with tailor-made buying guides. ShopConnect offers such guides with unique and easy user experience. The catalogs are e-commerce enabled and can be accessed via a link that can also be shared with friends or family.

The next step is obviously the most important one where you want the visitor to convert. ShopConnect has another ace up its sleeve for this step. It offers tools like virtual tryon, virtual showrooms where they feel they are in an actual store and can try products out with 3D imagery and tryon tools, and Live video call to connect with salespeople within the store. This is the ultimate online experience that replicates the complete in-store shopping experience.