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Why B2B Selling Needs to Embrace Digital

Digital-first has become the new norm, even in the B2B world. Digital technology today has pervaded every aspect of life and business. After taking the B2C E-commerce industry by storm, it is now set to conquer the B2B sector. Here are some trends in the B2B sales world based on Gartner research reports.

Enable the B2B Buyer

The traditional B2B buying model is extremely complex, involving multiple decision makers, each armed with their own independent research to explore solutions and select suppliers. Research shows that buyers value suppliers who make their buying process easier and are happy in going for a high value deal. It’s a win-win situation for both cases when the focus shifts to providing the B2B buyers with all the information required to complete their buying jobs.

Target the Millennial B2B Buyer

As per the Gartner’s Future of Sales report, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels by 2025. A primary factor for this shift in buying behavior is the growing number of millennials in decision making roles. Unlike baby boomers who are set to retire soon from decision-making roles, millennials are used to doing everything digitally. They would expect even B2B buying to be digital with a familiar interface that they encounter in B2C E-commerce.

Go Digital to Increase Collaboration with B2B Buyers

While suppliers use digital tools to streamline their backend operations, their selling process is yet to embrace digital. The time is now ripe for it. They should look at digital collaboration tools that build engagement with their buyers and replicate their traditional selling model. These digital collaboration tools are critical to address the challenges of getting the consensus among a large number of internal stakeholders online and offline.

Balance between User Experience and Coaching

Finding the right balance between user experience and coaching is critical to keep buyers engaged and convert into sales. Content should be optimal to inform but not to overload the buyer. One should not lose sight of the main objective, which is to make the buying process easier not cumbersome. So, the new buzzwords in the B2B commerce world are going to be digital and mobile, connect, inform, inspire, innovate, and be trendy.
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