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Trends in Virtual Collaboration for B2B Commerce

The year 2020 is coming to a close, and it has been a year of resilience and innovation, especially for B2B Commerce. The recent pandemic has accelerated the shift to digital, and the need to connect and sell digitally has never been so acute. By 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers are expected to occur in digital channels.

With an increasing number of millennials in decision-making roles, B2B buying is seeing a shift toward digital self-service rather than the traditional sales model of meetings.

So what are the latest trends that buyers expect to see?

The most desirable feature for a wholesale business is to have a platform capable of hosting virtual appointments. The virtual collaboration platform should ideally offer a way to present curated, shoppable 3D collections even within a video call.

The virtual meeting should be able to offer an immersive, seamless brand experience that replicates real-world experiences. Some of the most popular tools that help achieve such experiences are 360 Degree Views, 3D Models, Shop-the-Look, and Showroom Experience.

The platform should provide a real-time environment where you can walk the buyers through customized collections and work on finalizing the theme of the collection and orders.

Another useful feature is an automated tracking hub for orders and appointments. It should be able to manage, streamline and automate the full range of operations for a wholesaler, supplier or retailer. It should be easy to deploy and should integrate seamlessly with your existing ERP or infrastructure.

What you should look for is a platform that makes it simple to connect and work digitally. It should provide an easy, smart and faster way to work and have the capability to scale and grow with your business needs.

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