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The Need of the Hour

The COVID pandemic has caught a lot of companies in the commerce world flat footed, and they have had to adapt to the new normal in the fastest time frame possible. With lockdown restrictions in place, they need to find new ways to sell and connect with buyers.

Replace Physical Meetings with Customized Online Communication

In the post pandemic world, companies need to find a new way to replace personal meetings with buyers where they would share samples and discuss design and materials before finalizing on the orders. They need a way to access samples, add customer feedback, and even a system to process orders. They could not do all this over video calls from Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, or WhatsApp. These applications need to be customized for their way of doing business.

Replace Offline Sales with Interactive Online Sales

With most merchandisers or even customers avoiding physical contact, a lot of companies that hadn’t already had online sales channels have had to start selling online as fast as possible. They need a way for selling that not just takes care of the transaction but also the satisfaction of interacting with a live person. They need E-commerce capabilities that also offer a way to interact with the merchandiser or customer.

Replace Physical Product Feel with 3D Product Experience

Earlier, online sales was an additional channel for sales, but now it has become the primary channel for sales. They now had to find ways to replicate the physical product experience online. They needed more than just images, they needed buyers to experience the product. They need tools that can help them zoom and view the product from all angles. So, the need of the hour is to innovate and customize existing E-commerce and communication tools for the retail and wholesaling world. ShopConnect brings you one such innovative and affordable solution that resolves these pain points.

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