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Disrupting E-Commerce Collaboration

A Frost & Sullivan report expects global B2B E-Commerce sales to reach over $6.6 trillion by 2020. The sheer volume of the sales in the industry requires a robust and modern system to engage with buyers and ensure smooth and seamless E-Commerce.

The blooming E-Commerce industry is also gearing up to collaborate online. Typically, virtual collaboration platforms have either focused on enterprises or the general consumer. However, with the growth in B2B E-Commerce, there is a need for a platform that provides collaboration and communication tools that aid further growth in B2B E-Commerce sales. The Corona situation has further accelerated this shift.

B2B E-commerce involves bulk orders and client relationship management. It requires a fine balance between automation and personal attention to detail. With the accelerated trend of B2B E-commerce, the first step is of course to go digital.

ShopConnect not just helps you navigate the complex process of going digital. It takes your commerce solution one step ahead. On one single platform, it brings together all that you need to sell- from a video calling feature that integrates 3D models, virtual showroom experiences and transaction options to appointment and order management infrastructure.

ShopConnect platform provides a real-time environment where you can walk your buyers through customized collections, visualize the collection in an immersive store environment, and work on finalizing the theme of the collection and orders. You can even use immersive videos that simulate a store experience to sell smartly. The platform also integrates secure payment and transaction options for a complete one-stop-selling experience.

ShopConnect empowers you to personalize experiences for a large number of large buyers. It helps you digitize your understanding of the buyer’s tastes and preferences and create a curation based on them. This helps in making the buyer feel valued and building a long-lasting relationship.

You can further impress your clients by presenting the curated collections using virtual showrooms. Buyers can interact with each and every sample as if they are actually feeling the product. They can share their ideas and finalize their vision of the product. They can shortlist as many samples as they like and view them later along with other decision makers. They can even place orders in real-time.

Responding to the gaps in the market, ShopConnect is disrupting how suppliers and retailers connect, collaborate, and sell with its all-in-one E-Commerce collaboration platform.

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