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Virtual Store: The tool to boost business

Today, brands need to be insanely creative to be noticed.

The pandemic accelerated the digital revolution and the adaptation of virtual stores. Your customers can visit it anytime and explore your products digitally. McKinsey's research suggested that consumers who shop almost exclusively online find virtual shopping experiences attractive. 

Virtual showrooms are not new, but with the pandemic disrupting the retail industry, these stores have increased in number. Brands and retailers in the fashion and beauty industry have used virtual showrooms to shift the entire sales process online.

Tommy Hilfiger launched its first virtual experience back in 2015, where customers watched the Fall 2015 Hilfiger Collection runway show in 3D, 360-degree virtual reality. It also launched its first virtual store in Amsterdam to transform the entire buying journey and retail value chain. Since then, Tommy Hilfiger has immersed hundreds of customers globally into digital selling. 

A virtual store also adds to omnichannel retailing. Moving online is proven to expand your reach to new markets at lower costs. As a retailer, you can minimize restraints, challenges of space and configuration, and significant expenses related to maintaining a physical showroom. Your virtual store can host unlimited users, allowing you to show your products to multiple buyers simultaneously.

You can personalize the experience as a retailer based on what consumers love. Make it easy for them to connect with the concerned department, detail information, incorporate live video calling, and let them interact with your product. High-quality and detailed brand content is vital to your virtual store. Use dynamic video, 3D images, and virtual samples to show clear, stylistic views of your products. 

Suffice to say that a virtual store is the most innovative way to keep moving your business forward. Make your customers a part of this walkthrough process today!


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