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What is Intelligent Video Call Routing?

Intelligent call routing for ShopConnect’s Video calls to ensure customer satisfaction and success.

Customer success and satisfaction is key for any business to succeed. Intelligent video call routing increases customer satisfaction by matching the right customer service person with the customer's needs.

ShopConnect’s live video calling technology allows the customer to engage with the in-store sales staff in live video calls. These live video calls can be used to clarify concerns like quality and size suitability and help them find the right product for their needs. Live video calls have proven to increase the conversion rate and sales. But what is the technology used to connect the customers and the sales staff?

Consider the example of an apparel store. You would typically have different departments for men, women, and kids. The sales staff in the men’s section will not typically be able to satisfactorily help someone looking for women’s clothes and might unnecessarily waste the customer’s time. Intelligent video call routing connects the customer looking for women’s clothing with the staff of the women’s department.

So how does ShopConnect ensure that the customer is connected to the right department? ShopConnect’s live video calls use intelligent call routing technology for its video calls. Customers are given the option to choose which department they would like to approach and they are then connected to staff from that department.

Intelligent call routing technology has been used in customer service centers and call centers for a long time. Intelligent Call Routing uses software to route the calls in a call center. It would identify the caller and direct them to an appropriate agent.

However, unlike customer service centers with automated responses and endless options, ShopConnect uses a modern version of this technology. Instead of using them for voice calls, it uses them for video calls. Instead of automated voice messages, the customer sees a visual display of the options that he can choose from.

ShopConnect’s Intelligent Video Call Routing is a user-friendly, visual version of the technology used in customer support centers. It connects customers directly with the staff of a store, allowing them to give personalized attention and increase customer satisfaction. If there is a lot of traffic, ShopConnect also offers appointment scheduling, ensuring that customer’s time is valued and they are not left unattended.

This core concern about customer’s time goes a long way in ensuring customer success, satisfaction, conversion, and retention.

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