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Shopping From Home Via Video Is The Feature To Have in 2021

Even before Covid-19 hit the world, customers were looking at online shopping as a better option to shop. They love how easy, time saving and cost effective the complete experience is. Give them the same shopping experience coupled with video and you have a winner - a customer who will never stop shopping.

Pandemic Times

With the pandemic upon us, shopping outside has reduced to half. There are many small as well as medium level businesses that have closed down. Why? One because no funds, no customers, means workshops are being shut down. But, another reason is that their online presence wasn’t strong. Having a strong online presence has made many businesses survive in the Covid era. With websites offering customers the video option, shoppers are ecstatic with the whole experience.

Easy On The Pocket

When you have the option of a complete holistic experience of being able to watch the complete details of the product and interact with the salesperson on the video, why will you step out and waste money, time and energy on offline shopping? Shopping at retail stores from the comfort of a home via video is the best thing that has happened to a shopper as well as the stores. This makes for a recurring customer who might not shop everyday but who might step in just to view the products and make a wish list. With video shopping options, you always have a potential customer lurking around.

24 Hours

Offline shopping has many parameters attached to it - sticking to strict time laws of the city is one. But with online shopping, the customer can take their own sweet time to indulge in shopping. With the addition of video, they are bound to love the experience more as they can see the product, get the queries answered, satisfy themselves, order the product with peace of mind and receive it with happiness.

Wider customer outreach

With online video shopping options, the brand can reach to every nook and corner of the world. This is the way a simple, local brand can become global in minutes. The most authentic, personalized experience of shopping within a comfortable space from a completely different place in the world was unheard of a few years ago.

Today, all this is possible with ShopConnect. So, there is no reason why retailers should shy away from giving their customers the best shopping experience and gain a shopper for a lifetime.

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