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The Future of Video Shopping

If there is something that saw massive growth during the pandemic, it has to be online shopping. The global health crisis forced many passionate shoppers to turn online for their shopping needs for comfort, speed, and convenience. While online shopping became more popular, "shoppertainment" also became a trend. More and more people are now hooked to the short video format. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram create an environment where content is continuously served, getting us all used to endless scrolling. But the upside is that these platforms allow brands to market to a captive audience, while video enables marketers to embrace deeper engagement and creativity. Interactive content for shopping has led viewers to purchase products instantly rather than leaving the video to pursue the transaction.

It's a more engaging and interactive way to shop than reading a product description on an online shopping platform, as consumers can get shopping advice and product feedback in real-time.

The viewers can ask questions, request different angles, and analyze the product more transparently, without the studio lighting and photoshop to manage the expectations when the product gets delivered. It provides critical information for products- whether that's a phone case, a lovely dress, lipstick, jewelry, or a new watch, seeing it in use allows consumers to make their decision more quickly.

With new and innovative brands emerging, the retail industry is getting more competitive. Businesses need to harp on every opportunity to capture the shoppers' attention and embrace future trends like live video shopping that show promise. Interactive videos can significantly increase the AOV (average order value) and improve your website’s dwell time, at the same time brands can engage with their customers and tell stories to bring their products to life.

Shopconnect can help retailers explore this potential and bring back the personal touch in their retail experience. Along with this Shopconnect offers - one-click live video calls, appointment scheduling, virtual try-on, and personalized and immersive curated collections.

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