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The COVID pandemic has changed every facet of life. Human and personal interactions have regained the importance they deserve, especially in selling. Retailers and brands have realized the importance of personalized engagement. The era of automation is perhaps over. This is the new era of engagement - of humans with humans.

In response to the COVID pandemic restrictions, shopping establishments and brands had to reinvent and accelerate their digital transformation and the way they engage with customers. It is not just enough to have a web presence and e-commerce functionality. Brands now need a way for customers to reach out to salespeople just as they would in a store. They need to understand what the customer needs and there is no software that can replace its experienced salespeople.

So how can technology bridge this gap? ShopConnect shows the way. With just a click on the website, shoppers can get into a video call with experienced sales staff who can make the shopper feel valued and convert them into loyal customers. They can personalize the shopping experience and offer valuable suggestions just like they would in a store. ShopConnect can link a video call with the inventory to help make the optimum selection and convert the call into a sale.

With ShopConnect's technology, salespersons can send shopping suggestions as interactive shoppable links that include 3D models of products or shoppable looks. Shoppers from any part of the country can now shop from any shop they fancy from the comfort of their homes.

With ShopConnect, shoppers can also book video appointments with stylists, salespersons, or professionals from any field. Brands and retailers can hold virtual shopping events with the One-to-Many Video call feature. They can offer expert tips and product recommendations that go a long way in building a brand.

As more and more customers prefer the video shopping experience, brands and retailers have the option of converting their physical stores into 'dark stores' for order fulfillment and warehouses. This new era of engagement with video shopping opens up new possibilities for savings and sustainability. Know more about how ShopConnect can help you.

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