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Shopping In The Metaverse: What Is It Like?

With the inception of the world wide web, an entirely different world of possibilities was introduced, and a whole new plethora of opportunities was created. A completely different dimension was unlocked, from accessing information to interacting with people, brands, and whatnot, with just a click of the mouse or a tap on your phone. But that wasn’t it, then came along Virtual Reality, and eventually, Augmented Reality. It seemed like all of these were just building blocks leading up to an even more advanced and immersive form of user experience, the Metaverse.

An Immersive Shopping Experience

The metaverse is just another place for you to invest in virtual real estate and create an interactive, well-defined, and better version of your business for everyone to connect to. It involves fewer costs than actual stores to have an online version of your store, which is more than just a display of products or a mockup of your brand. Unlike portals like Amazon or Flipkart, metaverse allows you to create an identity of your brand by allowing the users to have the same in-store experience as they experience in the real world, but more effectively. With the help of VR and AR tools, users can walk into your store and get personalized recommendations with the help of the brand’s resources. Imagine visiting a cosmetics brand to get yourself a new range of cream from a particular brand. Unlike online stores, you won’t have to zoom into pictures or read between the lines to understand its ingredients or its benefits for your skin. A dedicated team of experts is there to help you through your retail journey, from helping you choose the suitable component for your skin type to personalize the requirements of any product to fit your needs; it’s all possible from the comfort of your home. 

Attracts More Consumer Bases

Who doesn’t like going to the mall to explore what’s new and upcoming? With metaverse, any user can interact with a brand without actually stepping out of their home, thus reducing the carbon emissions created by the constant traveling and the long queues of waiting for your favorite product to launch. Not just this, the metaverse allows the user to explore all of its products and understand their functioning with the help of AI and their subject matter experts, which eventually results in buying products that you would need, thus reducing wastage. 

Brands like Nike and Walmart have already launched their online marketing campaigns in the metaverse. As more and more people join the digital universe, the data collection of their interaction with the online versions of their brand will also help retailers tailor personalized experiences for their consumers in real-time for their offline stores. Samsung launched its metaverse on Decentraland, a platform built on the Ethereum blockchain to showcase its products. Offering a virtual experience of their New York store, the platform sold NFTs worth USD 71.8 million in one week. A research study conducted by Snap and Deloitte found that by 2025 nearly 75 percent of the world population on social apps will be using AR. The metaverse holds NFT exchanges and cryptocurrencies are the de facto payment method.

With so many means and ease of access, the metaverse can transform the way we shop and interact with any brand. 

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