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How Virtual Shopping Benefits Retailers

As per the 2020 Gartner Consumer Behaviors and Attitudes Survey, 64% of consumers feel they are at risk of exposure in public places. It has therefore become imperative for brands and retailers to strengthen their online presence and support consumers’ self-protective instincts. Technology platform ShopConnect’s video calling feature helps them in their efforts to bridge the digital divide and increase sales.

Utilize Sales Power

The main USP of retailers over pure e-commerce has been the personalized service and guidance from their sales staff in their stores. Virtual shopping with video calls extends this USP over online channels as well. Consumers can interact with the sales staff much like they would in a store. Sales staff can show them products in real time and guide them in their buying decisions.

So, even if stores are receiving less footfalls due to the pandemic, retailers can utilize their sales staff and increase their efficiency. They can respond to consumers, guide them about new trends and products, and persuade them to buy products. They can thus avoid the cart abandonment issues that plague traditional e-commerce stores.

The persuasive power of your sales staff will not just help increase conversions and sales but also build lasting bonds. With the ShopConnect platform, retailers can innovate and elevate the shopping experience to reflect the pleasure of shopping at their store.

Bridge the Digital Divide

The pandemic has forced even smaller retailers to quickly adopt online sales channels. ShopConnect platform has helped bridge the digital divide by providing quick turnaround times to deploy virtual shopping. With its white labeling and customizing solutions, retailers get to leverage their brand experience and cater to local trends and demands.

The ShopConnect platform provides a comprehensive suite of services that helps retailers start their online sales channel without any hassles. Safe and secure payment solutions and inventory management ensure streamlined operations that benefit retailers during the pandemic and beyond. Know more about how ShopConnect can help you.

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